The ACFSJ offers you a soccer activity in French! This activity is aimed at players who play for passion, regardless of their level.

Information : [email protected] – 709-726-4900

Soccer in French

Soccer is a team sport, of self-esteem, group spirit and competition. Football develops individual and collective qualities. Playing football makes you feel better about yourself and others. Football offers a great spectacle.

Practice Day

  • Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the SCGV Center gymnasium
  • Wednesday evening from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the SCGV Center gymnasium

Last session at SCGV Center Saturday June 29, 2024

Badminton in French

5 good reasons to play badminton

  1. “It’s probably one of the most physical sports that exists,” says François Béland, co-owner of the Fradette Sport boutique and badminton player since a young age. This sport uses several muscles and joints, as well as the cardiovascular capacity of the players, because the shuttlecock in motion for a very long time requires numerous and rapid movements.  
  2. Strategic mind..
  3. Less risk of injury...
  4. Accessible and social…
  5. Little equipment required.

    Click here to read more: 5 good reasons to play badminton | JDQ (

Practice Day

  • No practice currently, resumption planned for September 2024.

Last session at the SCGV Center Saturday June 29, 2024

Concept & Practices

The concept of these practices is to

  • Fencourage friendly play between players. 
  • Chelp newcomers develop their social ties,
  • Ooffer a new fun activity to French speakers and;
  • Chelp everyone to be in good physical health

Practice :

  • The practices take place at Center Des Grands-Vents (in case of bad weather the activity is canceled)
  • Equipment : indoor sports shoes required.  Bring your gear!
  • Who: Members of the ACFSJ (16 years and over).
  • Cost: Free for members - at the time of registration you can choose to make a
  • Contribution of 15$ to support the program.