The Francophone Community Association of Saint-Jean (ACFSJ) is a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of activities and services for all tastes and budgets. Most of our activities take place at the French-speaking community center.

Programs and Services

French courses (fall, winter and spring)

Saturday Club (10 weeks twice a year – starting September and February)

Recreational classes (yoga, tai chi, African dance, zumba etc.)

Seasonal holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.)

Wind Festival

Concert (French-speaking heart, Assomption Vie tour)

Cinema (Québec Cinema Tour, Canadian Cinema Day, NFB film screenings, etc.)

Workshop (painting, cooking, soap making, linocutting, etc.)

Sport (badminton, football, skating, swimming)

Choir rehearsal (La Rose des Vents choir)

Activities for resourceful people (lunch, tea and knitting walk inside the Works).

Learning for toddlers (story time, “little chicks” play group, etc.).


The mission of the Francophone Community Association of Saint-Jean (ACFSJ) is “to inspire and support the development and action of the French-speaking community of Saint-Jean through the Grands Vents School and Community Center ”. The ACFSJ organizes various activities and cultural events for Francophones and Francophiles in the Avalon region.


The Francophone Community Association of St-Jean (ACFSJ) values integration, respect for others, dignity and integrity. The organization holds itself accountable to its members, its funders and its employees by respecting its commitments and striving to offer quality activities and services to the community.