Saturday, June 25th from 1PM

Please note: We are holding two events on Saint-Jean day, the Family Outing which includes a boat trip + picnic at Middle Cove and a concert at Spirit of Newfoundland Productions LTD*. These two events are different.
To reserve your tickets for the Family Outing, click on Register now ( red button). For the Concert you must click on the poster at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 709-726-4900 or [email protected].

Meeting point at the Centre des Grands-Vents for those taking the bus.

Boat trip with Iceberg Quest
Campfire at middle cove beach
Outdoor activities
Gifts and surprises

Schedule :
Departure from CGV to the port: 1pm
Departure of the cruise on the boat ”Capo de Espera”: 2pm
Departure from the port to CGV: 16:15-16:30 approx.
Departure from CGV to Middle Cove Beach ”Bonfire”: 5pm
Departure from Middle Cove Beach to CGV: 8pm
Concert fête de la St-Jean à St. John’s: 8pm at Spirit of Newfoundland Productions LTD*

Price :
Adults: $30/$40
Children ( from 3 to 13 years old) : 25$/35$
Children under 2: Free
Campfire only: Free

Note :

  • Reservations must be made by Monday 20 June at the latest ( 12pm) (limited number of places).
  • No registration will be accepted without payment (no refund will be made if you decide not to participate in this activity).
  • In case of bad weather, the boat trip will be maintained, but the campfire will be rescheduled at the Centre Des Grands-Vents.
  • It is important to respect the departure time of the bus (the bus will leave at the indicated time, with or without the participant(s)).
  • It is possible to stay longer at Middle Cove Beach, if participants take their own car.

Everyone is welcome

More information at [email protected] or 709-726-4900

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*Concert fête de la St-Jean à St. John’s: Adrian House, Colleen Power, and Les paumés du petit matin
SATURDAY JUNE 25, 2022 FROM 8:00PM TO 11:00PM

St. John’s Day

Celebrated annually on June 24, Quebec’s National Holiday (formerly known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day) has been a public holiday in Quebec since 1925. In North America, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day has been celebrated since the early days of New France. Originally a devotional holiday, it took a patriotic turn in 1834 with Ludger Duvernay. The first Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day parade took place in Montreal in 1843. Since 1984, Quebec’s National Day celebrations have been organised by the Mouvement national des Québécois et des Québécoises (MNQ). Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is also celebrated in the various French-speaking communities of Canada.

Sources: read the rest of the article) click here : The canadian encyclopedia

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