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Caution!!!!! Ready… it continues.

 Everyone is welcome to join us !

During 10 weeks we will experience collective improvisation. This is a more collaborative type of improvisation and a very interesting model for small communities.

Improvisation is an art that allows you to express yourself through body and humour ! Come and share your …. evenings at the Théâtre des Grands-Vents in good company.
What we offer is an hour and a half of fun and creative games to have fun and learn the ritual of improvisation. What you will learn is to listen to the other, explore your imagination, your creativity and even to play a character! Improvisation is a recognized exercise to build self-confidence and promote public speaking. Join our troupe!

All this of course in the pleasure and in order to surpass oneself !

We are not in performance or competition, but in COLLABORATION

Welcome all those who want to try !

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or (709)726-4900

This activity is proposed in collaboration with the Réseau culturel francophone de T-N-L.

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