Our history


In the 1970s, a number of professors from the French department at Memorial University got together to promote the use of French. Today, the ACFSJ has about 200 active members. It offers many services including: a community access centre and book and audio-visual library, and organizes many events and activities, such as the Festival du Vent, youth activities, Francophone film screenings, shows, and more. The ACFSJ works hard to develop and carry out socio-cultural community programming.


On November 14, 1973, the Association Francophone de Saint-Jean is officially created. At this time, it has 35 active members, and its mission is to encourage the use of French, promote bilingualism, and provide an environment for cultural contact between Francophones in the St. John’s region.
The Club de Samedi is established and is met with immediate popularity.


  The offices of the AFSJ are located at 2 Henry Street and share their location with a Francophone day-care and the United Nations reception offices.


 A French-speaking choir is established and quickly gains in popularity.


 On September 20th, the AFSJ is officially incorporated as a non-profit organization.


The AFSJ creates and presents its first play, “Cinderella the Newfoundlander”.


 The AFSJ buys a house at 96 LeMarchant Road and moves to its more spacious new location.


A French-language community radio station opens its doors on the 3rd floor of the building


 The ACELF (Association Canadienne D’Éducation de Langue Française) Congress Association is hosted in St. John’s.


The AFSJ starts organizing guided tours of St. John’s and participating in official city events.


 The choir is re-formed and the number of choristers increases steadily


 A committee made up of representatives from various Francophone organizations in St. John’s begins working on the development of a Francophone school and community centre in St. John’s.


The AFSJ organizes its 1st Franco-Fest. This festival brings together the Francophone community of the St. John’s region to celebrate and promote Francophone culture in the Avalon Peninsula and to increase the visibility of the community. Franco-Fest has evolved into the Festival du Vents, an annual opportunity to share and promote the music, theatre, visual arts and traditional gastronomy of the French-speaking community and to contribute to the cultural and touristic wealth of our province


 In February, the Société du Centre Scolaire et Communautaire de Saint-Jean is formed.


 On November 4th, the Association Francophone de Saint-Jean merges with the Société du Centre Scolaire et Communautaire de Saint-Jean (the organization formed to set up and manage the Centre scolaire et communautaire de Saint-Jean) to become L’Association Communautaire Francophone de Saint-Jean Inc.


 Fall 2004: The Association moves to the Centre des Grands-Vents, which now includes all the Francophone organizations in the province as well as the school École des Grands-Vents.

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