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Library to go : From July  12th to August 28th 

Our library is closed to the public, but we want you to benefit from its resources.

All Saturdays: July 12th to August 28th 

How does it work?

1)Select your books by logging in to 'Insignia'* (It is important to read the log-in instructions) 

2) We prepare a bag of books according to your choices.

3)You come and get your bag at au centre des grands-vents .

4) Enjoy your selection for 2 weeks. The books are then returned to the Centre with your information.

Click here to fill in the form:


*Important information:

Selections must be sent in by Wednesday at 4.30 pm in order to collect your books on Friday.

  • - Your username is the one shown on your membership card (below the barcode on the back), and the default password is your username.
  • - If you cannot find your membership card, or your membership card does not contain a username, you can try the following format: initial of your first name, followed by your
  • - Last name (example: John Doe gives "jdoe")
  • - Finally, if you have any problems connecting, please contact us directly by email.

Free activity for ACFSJ members.

Information : - 709-726-4900


Books for the car and for takeaway: libraries are back in service

22 May 2020 | updated on: 22 May 2020 Perrine Gruson

The latest tool of the Association des bibliothèques publiques du Québec (ABPQ), a reading suggestion platform called, which first offers a search catalogue by theme, suggestions according to subject, but also, if requested through an online form, personalized advice from librarians who are looking for books for us. "The form wants to reproduce what happens in the library, the discussions and advice that we ask staff for when we go there. We have to try to stay in touch with our subscribers," says Denis Chouinard, President of the Quebec Public Libraries Association (QPLA). Lastly, the virtual platform offers video clips of librarians talking about books on specific themes.

Read the rest of the article on Quebec Epress ( Translate from french to english)


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