Soccer for children and adults - Summer program

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Soccer activity : every Sunday at 11:30 am at Churchill park playground

Friendly game for adults & training game for children.

Come and share your passion.


Attention : This program is not a child care service, parental presence and supervision is mandatory at all times.
                   Do not forget to wear sunscreen and bring your water bottle. 

*In case of rain, the activity  for adults will take place at the Centre Scolaire et Communautaire des Grands-Vents, 65 chemin Ridge, Saint-Jean, TNL at 11h30, but the activity for children will be cancel as we cannot accommodate both group in the gym at the same time. 

Fun facts about soccer that you may not know !

3. In England, football was created when several clubs formed the Football Association about 150 years ago.

4. Women started playing soccer about the same time as men in England. However, originally, men were the main actors in the game. Women's football began to become extremely popular in the 1990s.

Source: translated from English to French grasshopper soccer