Débrouillards activities

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Discover all the activities for the 50+.

For people over 50 years old

 Club members get together to participate in various activities. New members are always welcome. You can join the Club des Débrouillards by contacting us at culture@acfsj.ca or 709-726-4900

 At the moment we offer (click on the activity for more information) :

  • Conversation Sessions:'ConnectAînés
  • Tablet loan
  • Lunch des débrouillards
  • Thé et Tricot
  • Inside walk at the Works

Please note: Usually the ACFSJ hosts the Club des Débrouillards at the Centre des Grands-Vents for certain activities, however since the beginning of the school year and due to COVID-19 we are not yet allowed to do community activities in the building.

→You can request brochures of Débrouillard activities for the months of January, February and March by contacting culture@acfsj.ca.

Tablet loan : Registration required

 We provide you with a tablet that you can borrow for 12 months Pick up your  tablet at the ACFSJ

  • How does it work?
  • 1) Contact us by phone at 709-726-4900 or by email at culture@acfsj.ca
  •  2) We provide you with a tablet that you can borrow for 12 months.
  • 3) Workshops on how to use the tablet.





Conversation Sessions:'ConnectAînés' : 

  • Tuesday, March 9 at 10:30 am: Newfoundland, my land of welcome

    Life sometimes requires us to travel far, or stay close to our origins, and we are all in Newfoundland today. Whether you come from another province or even another country, what brought you to Newfoundland? Whether you come from here or elsewhere, what makes you stay?

    →Venez have a great time and share your story with this beautiful province.


    Tuesday, March 23rd at 10:30 am: Mom of yesterday and today

    We often talk about work-family balance, which can often be difficult for today's women in a world where everything goes at 100 per hour. There is a lot of advice for young mothers on good and bad practices. Do you remember those times when you were a young mother? Do you think there have been many changes in the way you look after a new baby?

    Venez share your experience!

  •  Every other Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., we are waiting for you for moments of discussion on different themes. Please join us! Registration required to receive information (connection to the videoconference or phone number): bonjour@acfsj.ca
  •  To register for the first time, please complete the form by clicking on this link: form
  • Once you have registered, we will send you further information to participate in the sessions, you will have the option to join us by phone or by videoconference.
  • This project also includes information sessions and other activities offered by the FFTNL, to find out more about the program, click on this link: https://connectaines.ca/index.php/terre-neuve-et-labrador
  • Funded in part by the Government of Canada through the New Horizons for Seniors Program


 Lunch des débrouillards : Coming soon

 During the winter of 2021, the Débrouillards' lunch will be held once a month at a restaurant in the St. John's area. A good opportunity to go out, get a change of scenery and discuss together in French.

Please note that the meal is at your expense.

To confirm your attendance, please send an email to culture@acfsj.ca or call 709-726-4900


Café Rencontre :  Coming soon   

Don't hesitate to follow us on our Facebook page.

 To confirm your attendance, please send an email to culture@acfsj.ca or call 709-726-4900


Thé et Tricot

 Usually, the Débrouillards group meets for tea, conversation...and knitting once a week. For the moment we cannot welcome you at the Centre ds Grands-Vents, so we suggest you knit at home, you can look for wool and patterns at the ACFSJ office.

Currently we are looking for volunteers to knit hats, scarves and mittens for children and adults.

Information by phone at 709-726-4900 or by email at culture@acfsj.ca.



Inside walk at the Works : Free for acfsj member 

 At any time the 50+ members of the CAYFS can go for free on the indoor walking circuit at The Works, simply present your membership card at the entrance (the CAYFS has compiled a list of its senior members at The Works).

No registration required - Simply show your acfsj membership card during business hours.


 Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7.30pm- Saturday and Sunday 8.30am-6.30pm

Parking is available at the Field House. The passage between the Aquarena and the Field House will be open. There is no entrance from the Aquarena.

Due to COVID-19 the wearing of a mask is mandatory to enter the building and until you start your physical activity.

You must present yourself at the reception desk with your ACFSJ membership card.

To find out all the information and measures in place at The Works, click here: The Works information


Intergenerational room


The intergenerational room is available to members of the Club des Débrouillards.

If you would like to use the room for an activity, a movie, tea, etc. please contact the ACFSJ offices at 709-726-4900.

At this time the room is not accessible due to Ministry of Education guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.