Débrouillards activities

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Lunch of the Débrouillards :Monday, March 4 - Tea and Knitting: every Friday

For people aged 50+

Club members gather to participate in various activities. You can reach the Club des Débrouillards by contacting us at the following address: culture@acfsj.ca or by phone at (709) 726-4900.



Le Lunch des Débrouillards: next meeting on Monday, March 4

time, place and themes soon available

At the Centre Des Grands-Vents

Information from DANIELLE MORIN


Thé et Tricot: every Friday

The Resourceful group invites you to a knitting session.

During this activity, you will participate in the creation of a welcome box for families with new babies in the community.


Information by phone at 709-726-4900 or by email at culture@acfsj.ca


Monthly lunch: meet on Monday, March 4 . Please contact d.p.morin@nl.rogers.com for more information on the activities of the resourceful.
>Works indoor walk: At any time 50 years old and over, ACFSJ member can go for free on the indoor walk circuit at Works
Tea and other sweets: every Friday.


Intergenerational room at the Centre des Grands-Vents: The intergenerational room is at the disposal of the members of the club des Débrouillards. If you would like to use the room for an activity, a movie, tea, etc., please contact the offices of l'ACFSJ at 709-726-4900.


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