Débrouillards activities

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Le Lunch des Débrouillards will be held:  Information available soon :  -Thé et Tricot: Every Friday at 2pm starting at  Centre Des Grands-vents

For people aged 50+

Club members gather to participate in various activities. You can reach the Club des Débrouillards by contacting us at the following address: culture@acfsj.ca or by phone at (709) 726-4900.


Le Lunch des Débrouillards will be held: 

Information available soon 

Information at culture@acfsj.ca or 709-726-4900 


Thé et Tricot: 

Every Friday at 2pm starting 

Les 'Débrouillards'  group invites you for a cup of tea, some cookies and a good time. 

During this activity, you will participate in the creation of a welcome box for families with new babies in the community.


Information by phone at 709-726-4900 or by email at culture@acfsj.ca


Note next Friday's knitting and tea meeting, November 8, will be cancelled.  This weekend, several Francophone organizations will have their annual meeting in  the premises of the Centre des Grands-Vents, and the premises will be occupied. 

Interior walk at the Works: At any time 50 years old and over, ACFSJ member can go for free on the interior walk circuit at the Works, just present your membership card.


Intergenerational room at the Centre des Grands-Vents: The intergenerational room is at the disposal of the members of the club des Débrouillards. If you would like to use the room for an activity, a movie, tea, etc., please contact the offices of l'ACFSJ at 709-726-4900.