Gardening kit to go

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Gardening kit  to Go :

Borrow a gardening kit . We have everything you need to plant a small garden at home this summer!

ACFSJ is pleased to present "Gardening to Go"

Throughout the summer, you can borrow gardening tools and kits (for adults and children), as well as seeds to grow.

Sign up to receive your kit today.




How it works?

1)Fill in the registration form*. 

2)We'll get your gardening kit ready.

3)Pick up your kit at the Centre des Grands-Vents.

4)Each kit includes**:

  • Gardening gloves: (adult and child) - Tools (adult and child)
  • Seeds
  • Seeds
  • Planting Bags

*Registration forms must be sent in by 4:30pm on Wednesday (of each week) in order to collect your kit on Friday.

Loan period is 2 weeks. Deadline until 27 August 2021.

Click here to fill out the form:

Gardening to Go

Free activity for ACFSJ members

Information: - 709-726-4900.

Stay tuned for all our gardening activities


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The unsuspected health benefits of gardening

For those lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to put on your boots, straw hat and gloves and get healthy by gardening.

We garden to maintain our plants or to get some fresh air, but do we know that gardening is also excellent for our health? This activity, which is quite commonplace, allows you to relax and take care of your body. We have selected 5 health benefits of gardening for you.