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Information: until further notice.

Wash your hands when entering the building
Wearing a mask is mandatory in common areas
Keep 2 metres distance between you and others
If you think you may be ill, do not enter the building and call 811
You can still hold meetings and gatherings in the conference rooms
Any other events and activities with members of the public in the shared spaces will need to be discussed with ACFSJ in preparation for them.
We will keep you informed of changes as soon as possible.
1. WEST DOOR, remains the community entrance door, employees and visitors, they will need to press the camera button, CSFP and ACFSJ will open the door once we have seen and spoken to it.
2. It is not permitted to enter and exit through the main door during school hours, only people with reduced mobility and heavy equipment suppliers will be able to request access to the lift from the school. All others must use the new community entrance.
3. It is forbidden to enter and exit through the daycare door (east entrance). Reserved for use by the daycare and preschool.
4. Each organization will need to have each of their visitors sign a sign-in sheet. We recommend that you also keep an attendance list for your employees. 5. We have a sign at the community entrance advising anyone to go home if they are not feeling well and to contact 811. Also, screening questions will be asked of visitors before they are allowed into the building.
6. We have increased the number of hand sanitizer dispensers.
7.We put up posters throughout the Centre: social distancing, maximum number of people in a people in a space, etc. We ask you to respect these postings.
8. Only staff and authorised persons will be allowed on the ground floor (school/shared space) during school hours.(school/shared space) during school hours. Visitors must be accompanied if they need to go downstairs. Visors must wear a visor if they need to travel to the ground floor during school hours between 8am and 3pm.
9. The main doors will be unloaded from 3pm on school days, weekends and during school holidays. during school holidays.


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