Lego Challenge

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Lego Challenge: 

Lego challenge:

 Children from kindergarten to grade 3 

 How to participate

Step 1

  • Visit the ACFSJ facebook page, and look for the weekly challenge.assemble your legos and create!

Step 2

Take a nice photo or video of your creation and post it as a comment under our "weekly Lego Challenge:"Facebook page: acfsj

  • Step 3

    Every Monday THE PHOTO OF THE GREAT WINNER chosen by our designer judge will be featured.

  • Challenge #4

From Wednesday 13 to Friday 17 April

What can you build using only yellow bricks?


 For more information please contact

Clare Wilcox by email at

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By the way, how do you make Lego?

Romain Capelle Published on 25/11/2015 - THE world

A little brick of Lego doesn't seem very complicated. It's even a fairly simple toy. Anyway, before we decided to recreate the Legoland sets... But before that, we have to make these little bricks, and it's not that easy...

to read the rest of the article click here : LE MONDE ( translate in french to english)