Fête de l'Acadie

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Fête de l'Acadie: Sunday, August 18 at 1pm at Centre des Grands-Vents

Be part of the celebration and come celebrate Acadian culture !!!!!

Everyone is welcome.

- Music
- Outdoor activities
- Crafts
- Face painting and bouncy castle 
- ...and even more surprises!

  • Registration required (by August 16th at noon)
  • Free event

For more information and to register, please, send an email at culture@acfsj.ca (number of person and name for registration) or call at (709) 709-726-4900



What is Acadia Day ?

In 1881, the Acadians gathered in Memramcook for their first National Convention chose August 15 as their national holiday date. Since then, Acadians have gathered on Assumption Day to commemorate their history and celebrate their culture. Over the past forty years, this celebration has taken on a new meaning thanks to a very special event, the din. This noisy and colourful event became a central element of the celebration from 1979, on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the founding of Acadia, by accentuating its festive side. Acadians take advantage of this event to express their vitality, pride and joie de vivre, who have succeeded against all odds in perpetuating their culture. From now on, on August 15, din, shows and joyful gatherings of all kinds are held everywhere where Acadians live.

Sources : The Corridor (translate from french to english)