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L'Association communautaire francophone de Saint-Jean (ACFSJ) :always looking for volunteers

Become a volunteer with ACFSJ, why not?

Come live new and enriching experiences by involving yourself as volunteers with ACFSJ.

We become a volunteer with ACFSJ to:

  • Acquire new experiences, new knowledge, skills and especially new skills in many fields.
  • Assume responsibility according to his potential, interests and motivations (eg with us and the people among us during our events or playtime) Share moments of conviviality and human relations
  • Realize yourself on the personal level and achieve meaningful things
  • Have fun and meet people
  • But above all, improve your French for English speakers

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The ACFSJ is always looking for volunteers to help with activities and events, if you wish to help, please ocntact us at or 709-726-4900